Are you blaming your Filipina problems on culture?

Be cautious in labeling a problem with your Filipina as a cultural problem. There are many snags in a relationship that boil down to basic issues i.e. the inability to communicate, selfishness, unforgiveness, etc. Most of these issues go away as your love for each other grows. Such problems occur commonly with any relationship.

The problems you have with your Filipina don’t get solved by blaming it on culture. You can’t just label it as a cultural difference and move on because it will just keep coming back. However, her cultural differences can aggravate those problems making them feel worse.

For example, she may think you said something that you didn’t say because of the way you delivered your message. This can happen with any relationship, but caused more frequently if she can’t follow the grammatical side of your argument. You must remain positive and spare your exhaustive American vocabulary.

There are certain quirks that come with her culture. Just because she says yes or agrees to something doesn’t mean she is okay with it. In the States, we know that this is a stereotype about women in general, but magnify this by ten for the Philippine culture. Just because they keep offering you food at the table does not mean that you are expected to eat it. Just because you are invited to someone’s house doesn’t mean you are wanted there. It is your unique obligation to learn these things since you are in a Filipino-American relationship.

Don’t let others criticize her Filipino culture if they see problems between you and her. You don’t want negative feelings directed toward her, otherwise, that shallow label can push you and her further away from each other.

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